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Wisdomise Market Vision


Wisdomise is an AI-empowered core tending to be a cross-market platform and gets all of the knowledge from the market properties; Wisdomise can get different data sources like risk, volatility, and sentiment..., Also it can get beneficial data from alternative (un)structured sources like Twitter. Wisdomise aims to find the pattern in different market properties by using the help of statistics and ML. Some of the properties are:

  • Risk

  • Price -> ai-core

  • Volatility

  • On-chain

  • Sentiment

Wisdomise insights use the raw data to first preprocess and then generate valuable knowledge for decreasing the risk of investment

Wisdomise facilitates decision-making procedures by utilizing insights.

Wisdomise decision layer is an open layer and enabler platform that is using insights and raw data for decision making, it plays like a policy rule table that tries to optimize the way of decision making. For instance, by combining 2 price properties like daily and hourly predictors, making a new market strategy, and using the volatility and risk properties to manage the risk of commands. The output of the decision layer will be published in an execution-friendly way.

The decision layer has the ability to make the optimized decision based on the market situation and the user appetite.

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